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Product Care

Taking care of your beautiful new cultured marble or cultured granite bathroom is almost as important as picking the right manufacturer. Here is care taking advice from the ICPA (International Cast Polymer Association)

Care and Maintenance Tips
Beautiful Cast Polymer Products for a Lifetime

More and more consumers are choosing cast polymer products to beautify the bath. Products such as vanities, shower bases, bathtubs, fireplace surrounds, window sills, wall panels, whirlpool baths and molding accents come alive with the custom colors, shapes, textures and designs of cast polymer products.

Cast polymer products are commonly known as cultured marble, cultured granite.

How can owners keep the "good as new" look of these products for a lifetime of beauty and service? Just follow these tips:

Cultured Marble Care & Maintenance

Your cultured marble product has been manufactured by skilled craftsmen using premium quality materials. As with any hand crafted product, imperfections or blemishes are common and should not be considered manufacturing defects. Our care and high standards culminate in the durable beauty of our cultured marble. You can protect the splendor of your product and ensure a long life of trouble-free service by observing a few simple procedures:

DO NOT clean this product with any abrasive material or cleanser. (i.e. steel wool, Comet, Ajax, Soft Scrub, etc.) These abrasives will dull the lustrous finish. Also do not use harsh solvents such as acetone, paint thinner, etc. For stubborn stains or problems such as paint over spray, denatured alcohol works very well. Remember cultured marble needs a three month curing time to reach its maximum durability and strength. It is important to be very careful during this time to prevent scratches.

Many problems and stains can be avoided by attention to proper use of your product. With minimum of care, you will have many happy years to enjoy its beauty.

The following steps can be taken to remedy unusual cleaning problems:

Hard Water/Rust Stains: Can be removed with a mild vinegar solution, followed by a fine polishing compound.

Mold/Mildew: Can be removed with a diluted solution of chlorine bleach and water or with Lysol. Never let pure bleach come in contact with your marble. For mold in your whirlpool lines, combine 2 cups automatic dishwashing detergent (granules) and 1 cup chlorine bleach, run twice for 5 minutes each, finally run clean water through for a 5 min cycle.

Surface Scratches: Can be buffed out with a polishing compound. Deeper scratches and more major problems should be repaired by a professional cultured marble repair man in your area.

Certain chemicals can seriously damage your product, even during brief periods of contact. DO NOT let your cultured marble come in contact with any of the following:

Clorox or other Hypo chlorite bleaches, Hydrogen Peroxide in any concentration, Drano or other Lye solutions, Sani-Flush or other sodium compounds, paint strippers, Comet, Ajax or other abrasive cleansers.

None at this time.

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